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Short Motorcycle Trips in 2005

The following photos are a collection of short motorcycle trips starting with an off-road adventure on the BMWR1200GS' into the Waiparous area in Alberta in April of 2005.

Later in the month we did some real off-roading on our dirtbikes around Lake Koocanusa in British Columbia. 

Early May of 2005 it was time to get the Ducati's out and take them for a spin through the interior of British Columiba.

It was back to the dirtbikes in May of 2005 for some more riding around Radium, British Columbia.

First Ride of the Season...

Blair on his BMW650 Dakar

Into the Waiparous area

Ruby on her BMWR1200GS

Bordering Banff National Park

Mike on his BMWR1200GS

The Rocky Mountains

Taking a break

Mike scoping out the Route

Steep, rocky decline

Blair the pro

Loose Rock

Blair & Mike doubling up

More Rock

Blair attempting the decline

Mike taking Ruby's bike down

Snow in the Mountains

Ruby finds...

...the only mud puddle... crash in

April 23 & 24. Dirt Biking at Lake Koocanusa Starting the Ride, British Columbia

Taking a break already

The couple shot.

The rewards of kick starting.

Steep hill only Mike concurred.

Looks to me like the front wheel is of the ground.

Who knows!

Seems like a lot of bones.

More bones.

mmmh a skull.

Lake Koocanusa.

Loading the bikes again.

Another day of riding.

Breakfast of Champions.

The famous couple shot.

Another beautiful day.

Ruby is on her merry way.

Wide open spaces.

Yeah, that is Ruby in the far distance.

Now she is coming closer.

Still on the bike.

Standing up, is much more comfortable.

Maybe not.

Even so, she doesn't know what she is doing.... least she looks the part.

There is no limits.

Ruby attempts the water crossing ....


...actually makes it across.

Then there is Mike ....

...the out of control...


...having too much fun...

...kinda guy. (he was soaked)

Trail riding is fun.

May 6 to 8 2005 Radium, British Columbia

Staying at the Tyrol Motel.

Hot Tub at night.

Balfour Ferry crossing the Kootenay Lake

The only room left on the Ferry.

30 minute Ferry Ride.

What is up with that Hairdue?

Kaslo, British Columbia

Posing for the Couple Shot.

White Mountain Peaks and Kootenay Lake.

More white mountain peaks.

Meeting Dave on his brand new BMWR1200GS on the Kaslo to New Denver Road.

Scenery of the Hwy 31 between Kaslo and New Denver.

Taking a break.

Big Surprise, the Italian baby breaks down.

Water Pump goes 10km outside of New Denver to Nakusp.

Made it to Nakusp, 5km at a time, 2hrs later.

Upper Arrow Lake, Nakusp, British Columbia

Incredible scenary.

Boating Dock in Nakusp.

One forgets how beautiful...

....your own country is.

Reflections of spring in British Columbia.

More reflections.

Hanging out until the pick-up truck arrives from Calgary.

Brother and Sister Shot.

What's this. No thanks.

Waterfalls on the road to Nakusp Hot Springs.

Again Brother and Sister Shot.

And the Happy Couple.

Playing with the Camera Settings.

And Good-bye Falls.

Nakusp Hot Springs Chalets.

Hot Springs 42 Degree Celcius.

Staying at the Leland Hotel in Nakusp.

Heritage Hotel. Built in 1892.

Motorcycle Parking.

View from the Hotel room.

View from the Hotel Room onto Upper Arrow Lake.

Upper Arrow Lake.

Yeap it was a perfect day.

Relaxing supper at the lakefront patio.

Loading the bike.

7 hrs to Calgary.

Let's go home.

Galena Bay Ferry Crossing. The End.

Radium Dirt Bike Trip May 13 to 15 2005 Camping west of Radium

A dirtbike weekend with friends

Rachel & Pawels Setup

Mike & Ruby's Setup

A cold ride in May

The Gang - Pawel, Rachel, Mike & Ruby


Taking a break

Pawel Crashes

Taking the Backroads

Pawel's Gear Shifter is Bent

This will do.

Continuing to explore the area

Taking another break

Spring run off

Lake close to our camping spot

Nature picture

Pawel the Handyman

Mike and his famous Diet Coke


Hanging Out around the Fire

Rachel cooking breakfast