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Germany Trip Pictures from June 03 to 13, 2005

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Back in December 2004 we signed up for the BMW Enduro Course in Hechlingen am See Germany and decided to spend a few extra days in Germany to visit with family and friends, as well as tour some of Germanys famous Cathedrals and Castles.  Everyday was packed full with history and amazing buildings. We visited the Nerobahn, Prince Regent Palace, State Theatre, Kurhaus, Roman Gate and Nerobergbahn in Wiesbaden.  Went to Kloster Eberbach, strolled along the small streets of Ruedesheim and took the Gondola up to the Niederwalddenkmal, drove along the Rhein to Koblenz.  Then we visited Burg Elz, Koelner Dom, Limburger Dom, Schloss Weilburg, Burg Greifenstein and Heidelberger Schloss.  We explored small towns along the Romatischen Strasse and ended our journey in Lehmingen, Bavaria and stayed at the Landgasthof Goldene Sonne for four (4) nights while attending the BMW course.  We definitely made the most of our short stay.  Click here for pictures of the BMW Enduro Course.

June 04, 2005. Checking out the NEROBERGBAHN, Wiesbaden.

Tickets for the Nerobergbahn.

Nerobergbahn Train Car.

Powered by water.

The train car descending carries all the water.

Passing the train car on the way up.

Opened in 1888.

Train tracks.

At the top.

Forest Theatre.


Roemer Tor - ROMAN GATE - 364-375 A.D.

Stone tablets from Roman era.

Grave stone.

Climbing up the Roman Gate.

The roman gate is the oldest structure in Wiesbaden.

View of Wiesbaden old town.

Marktkirche - LUTHERAN MARKET CHURCH - Western tower is 92m high.

Built in 1852.

Inside the Marktkirche.

Emperor Wilhelm II.

Staats Theater - STATE THEATRE - Built 1892.

Kolonaden, longest hall in Europe support by pillars.

129m long.

Huge Pile Driver.

Kurhaus - Built 1904.

The Kurhaus garden under construction.

Kaiser Wilhelm II.


Schlosspark Biebrich.


June 05, 2005. Kloster Eberbach - MONASTERY EBERBACH.

The movie "In the name of the Rose" was filmed here.

Monks built the Monastery around 1136.


Renaissance-Closet - 17th Century.


Klosterkirche - Monastery Church - Built 1145 to 1160.

Cabinetkeller - Cabinetbasement.

Storage of valueable wine.

Keltern - Built 1668.

Strolling through RUEDESHEIM.

Small town Germany.

Located on the Rhein.

Gondola to the Niederwalddenkmal.

Direction of major German cities.

View of the Rhein.

The Rhein.


Driving along the Rhein from Ruedesheim to Koblenz.

Mike hanging out on a castle.

Ruins of a castle.



View of Koblenz.

Das deutsche Eck. Rhein and Mosel meet.

Festung Ehrenbreitstein.

June 06, 2005. On our way to Koeln (Cologne) we take a detour to BURG ELTZ.

Eltz Castle has remained in the hands of the Edlen Herren und Grafen (Lords and Counts) von und zu Eltz for more than 800 years. It is preserved by private means.

The castle first mentioned records dates back to the 9th century.

Its location is unique surrounded by hills and forests.

Eltz Castle, one of the most beautiful and best preserved castles in Germany. Lying in a romantic setting surrounded by an unspoilt landscape, inviting and majestic at the same time... a fairy-tale castle come to life.

Entrance to the castle.

First glimbs of the impressive castle walls.


Centre of the castle.

The tour of the castle leads us through the Ruebenach Lower Hall & Bedroom ...

...the Knights Hall, Banner Hall and Rodendorf Kitchen.

Our next stop is the Koelner Dom (COLOGNE CATHEDRAL).

The first church in place of the current Cathedral was finished in 870.

The cathedral survived 14 large aerial bombs in World War II.

Gothic Architecture.


This monumental wooden crucifix was donated by Archbishop Gero (d.976).

Left window displays St Barbara and St Evergislus. The St James window (centre) shows three scenes from the life of the saint. The right window shows St Catherine and St Heribert.

The window is dedicated to St Paul. The window%u2019s central theme is St Paul%u2019s experience of conversion on the road to Damascus.

The nave.

Cast: 5 May 1923 in Apolda, Germany Bell-founder: Heinrich Ulrich

The stairs up the bell tower...

...give us a great few of Cologne.

Portals of the west facade.

June 07, 2005. A visit to the LIMBURGER DOM. (Cathedral in Limburg)

The west facade of the Dom with the twin towers.

The cathedral dates back to c.1175-1235.

The central nave towards east.

Main entrance to the Cathedral.

Traditional houses in Limburg.

We continue to the WEILBURGER SCHLOSS (Weilburger Castle) in Weilburg.

The happy couple.

Melanie and Ruby.

In the courtyard of the Weilburger Schloss.

A visit to Ruby's old house,...

...where she lived for 16 years in Mengerskirchen.

The trees have gotten a lot bigger.

Our tree house that we built still stands.

The Castle in the centre of Mengerskirchen. Ruby remembers climbing the tower to visit her grandmother.

Last stop of the day is Greifenstein.

Ruby being a kid again, riding a motorcycle in the playground with the castle in the background.


Castle Greifenstein was originally destroyed in 1298, but then re-built by the Family Solms in the 14th Century.

The German Government has added the castle to the list of momuments with special national cultural importance.

The castle is unique has it houses the German Bell Museum.

Almost 50 bells are displayed dating back to the 9th Century.

Each bell comes with a description...

...and one is able to listen to the sound of each.

A full view of the bells on display.

Being a prisioner ...

...ways of torture.

Some of the vaulted throughways are still accessible.

The two remaining towers in their full glory...

An old drawing of what the castle used to look like.

We continue to explore the ruins.

Melanie and Ruby wandering among the castle walls.

We were able to climb the towers many steps for an rewarding few of the area.

June 08, 2005. En-route to the BMW Enduro course...

...we stop at the famous HEIDELBERG CASTLE.

During the war of Palatinate Successions (also known as the Orleans War) French troops systematically destroyed both castle and town in 1688/89 adn in 1693.

The remain are still impressive...

...especially due to its beautiful location.

Mike waiting for the tour with a new found headless friend.

Heidelberg was first mentioned in 1196 as "Heidelberch".

The church.

The Heidelberg Tun is located in the cellars of the Heidelberg Castle.

It was made in 1751 out of 130 oak trees and can old approx. 220,000 litres of wine.

A view of the city Heidelberg.

The Heidelberg Castle Powder Turret, split by an explosion.

We wander into the town centre of Heidelberg.

"Old Bridge" gate seen from the bridge.

Coming across some...


One last picture of the Heidelberg Castle.

June 09, 2005. We take in part of the Romantic road which starts in the town of Wuerzburg ... the Franken wine growing region to Fussen.

Teh Romantic Road was once a trade route through Bavaria.

Now it's a mostly scenic drive featuring walled medieval cities, towers, half timbered houses.

We stroll through DINKELSBUHL...

...and take in the sites.

Going to the Schuetzenhaus.

This sign means not speed limit.

Final we arrive at the BMW Enduro Course. Our first view of the facilities.

The day before the start of our training. Please click on the link to the BMW Course for more pictures.

Family pictures. Ruby's Uncle and Aunt.

Uli and Martina. Ruby's Godparents.

Thomas doing 240km/hr on the Autobahn.

Andy and Nadine. Ruby's cousin.

Melanie and Jonas. Ruby's best friend.

Visiting Melanie's Mom.

Getting together with Melanie and Tina.

Surprise visit to Michael's Mom.

Tina's daughter Anna.