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Yukon, NWT & Alaska Trip (Page 1 of 3) July 16 to August 06, 2005

2 Canadians, 2 Mexicans, the ride to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and Inuvik, NWT. As far north as you can go on a road in north America. Another incredible trip to remember for a lifetime.  Crossed the Arctic Circle twice once in Alaska and once in Yukon.  A total of 12,000km (most in the first 2 weeks) and approx. 3500km on gravel/mud.  We crossed the continental divide 10 times, were in 2 countries, 2 provinces, 2 territories, one state, and went through 3 rear tires on each bike.

To read more about this adventure see the detailed NWT, Yukon and Alaska Journal and as always pictures are a thousand words. In total there are three (3) picture pages. To proceed to NWT, Yukon and Alaska Page 2 and NWT, Yukon and Alaska Page 3.

Trip Map by Ruby.

July 16, 2005. The Start of our Journey. Calgary, AB.

Stopped by the Cops just after Jasper for speeding.

July 17, 2005. Start of Alaska Highway.

Mile 0 of the Alaska Hwy.

Dawson Creek, BC.

History of the construction of the Alaska Hwy.

Visitor Center in Dawson Creek.

1523 miles (2426km) to Fairbanks, Alaska.

Joaquin at Mile 0.

Scenery between Dawson Creek & Fort Nelson.

More Scenery Pictures.

Breaking for a pictures.

Camping at the Liard River Hot Springs.

On our way to the Hot Springs.

Hot steam rising ...

... the sun peaks through the trees...

... it made for a nice sun set.

Alpha Pool, which is the first hot springs one gets to.

Beta Pool, is further up the walkway.

The Beta Pool is 3meters deep.

No one around at this time of the day.

The temperature is around 104 Deg Fahrenheit.

July 18, 2005. Waiting for the Pilot Car. Construction.

Taking a break.

A full rainbow in the background.

Annie, Joaquin & Ruby

Entering Yukon.

Watson Lake, Yukon.

Signs from all over the world.

...and more signs...

...mmmmhhhh more signs....


Mike chasing Ruby

Coffee Break for Joaquin somewhere between Watson Lake and Whitehorse.

Annie and Moose

More Construction on the Alaska Hwy.

Mike goofing around.

Burwash Landing Museum.

Burwash Landing, Yukon.

Pumping up the rear tire.

July 19, 2005. Entering Alaska.

We are getting there.

Camping in Tok, Alaska.

These are two (2) scoops of ice cream:)

July 20, 2005. Hwy 1 between Tok and Anchorage.

The weather improved & Alaska showed its beauty.

In the distance is Mt. Sanford (Elevation 16,237ft)

Riding along Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park.

A lot of blue sky.

Mike's Bike packed.

In the distance is Mt. Drum (Elevation 12,010ft)

Matanuska Glacier.

We were here.

Staying with Victor in Anchorage.

The Gang.

July 21, 2005. Waiting for the bikes to get serviced in Anchorage.

At the BMW Shop in Anchorage.

Ruby's Bike in for 30,000km Service, new tires & battery.

Met from the right Andre, Axel and Lisa from Germany at the BMW shop in Anchorage.

Barb's Alaskan Leather Shop in Anchorage.

July 22, 2005. Palmer, Alaska.

The road to Hatcher Pass.

From Palmer to Willow.

Paved to almost the summit and then gravel road.

Beautiful Scenery.

The morning fog was rising ...

... as we reached the summit...

...of Hatcher Pass.

... all gravel switch backs...


Still snow on the ground.

We are the only ones around.

A for sale sign in nowhere.

First sighting of Mt. Hunter at 14, 573ft.

View of George Parks Hwy.

South view point of Mt. McKinley.

Mt. Hunter.

Mt. McKinley (Elevation 20,320ft).

Highest Mountain in North America.

Mt. McKinley again.

Turn off at Cantwell onto Denali Hwy.

Denali Hwy - approx. 115miles (180km) of gravel...

...connecting the George Park Hwy with ...

...the Richardson Hwy.

It runs from Cantwell to Paxson.

Alaska Range.

Pretty easy ride, no traffic ...

...some great scenery.

Ruby trying to slow down.

More pics of the Denali Hwy.

Denali Hwy.

Alaska Range.

Maclaren Summit Elevation 4081ft.

Mike is sometimes also in the picture.

View of the Delta River and Glacier.

Alaska Range Glacier...

...north of Paxson.

Scenery of Richardson Hwy...

...north to Delta Junction.

First peak of the Alaska Pipeline.

Can't miss it.

After climbing on the Pipeline, Mike reads this...

Camping in Delta Junction.

July 23, 2005. Stop at North Pole, Alaska.

BMW Service Shop in Anchorage...

... we are not kidding.