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Egypt Trip Pictures (Page 1 of 3) from April 05 to 26, 2006.

Our initial visit to Egypt occurred during our Middle East Trip in 2006. We spent three (3) weeks covering 3000km from Apr. 05 to 26, 2006.  Pictures Page 1 covers the Cairo, Giza, the Nile, Luxor and Aswan.  Pictures Page 2 heads south to Abu Simbol and covers the Sinai Peninsula.  During our Africa Trip in 2007 we returned to Egypt entering from Libya and another 3000km.  Pictures Page 3 visits Alexandria, Cairo, the Western Desert and a couple of Temples on the Nile.  To read a detail description of the events through Egypt in 2006 see Journal Page 1 and for 2007 see Journal Page 2.