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Egypt Trip Pictures (Page 2 of 3) from April 05 to 26, 2006.

Our initial visit to Egypt occurred during our Middle East Trip in 2006. We spent three (3) weeks covering 3000km from Apr. 05 to 26, 2006.  Pictures Page 1 covers the Cairo, Giza, the Nile, Luxor and Aswan.  Pictures Page 2 heads south to Abu Simbol and covers the Sinai Peninsula.  During our Africa Trip in 2007 we returned to Egypt entering from Libya and another 3000km.  Pictures Page 3 visits Alexandria, Cairo, the Western Desert and a couple of Temples on the Nile.  To read a detail description of the events through Egypt in 2006 see Journal Page 1 and for 2007 see Journal Page 2.

April 19, 2006. Lake Nasser at Abu Simbel.

The Temples at Abu Simbel were...

...relocated in the 1960's by UNESCO... save it from being covered by the water...

...due to the new dam being built.

Both the Great Temple and Temple of Hathor were relocated...

...210m back and 65m above their original position.

The Ramses II Colossi seen in this picture are 33m high.

The Facade of the Great temple.

Four Ramses II Colossi line the temple facade.

This is one massive leg.

View of Lake Nasser from the Great Temple, largest artificial lake in the world.

Temple of Hathor.

Dedicated to the goddness Hathor.

The temple facade is lined with statues of ...

... Queen Nefertari and Ramses II.

Great Temple of Abu Simbel in the back ground.

Temple of Hathor in the back ground.

The broken colossus on the Great Temple occured in a earthquake.

Carved out of the cliff in the 13th century BC.

Ramses II.

Here we couldn't avoid the tourists.

Queen Nefertari adn Ramses II Statues.

Temple of Hathor.

April 20, 2006. Taking a boat to the Temple of Philae. The Aswan Dam in the back ground.

Island of Agilika.

The Temple of Philae was relocated by UNESCO...

... in the 1960's to the Island of Agilika.

Western Colonnade leading to Philae's Temple of Isis.

Kiosk of Trajan.

14 columned.

Here the Romans emperor were...

...burning incense in front of Osiris adn Isis.

View of the Temple of Isis.

The Island was reshaped by UNESCO to replica the Island of Philae.

Detail of supporting columns.

Long courtyard, lined with colonnades.

Temple of Isis.

Detailed carving.

Entrance to the Temple of Isis.

First Pylon built by Ptolemy XII and Neos Dionysos.

It has scenes of him massacring his enemies.

Inside the Temple of Isis.

The Temple of Augustus and Gate of Diocletian lie in ruins.

A view of the Aswan Dam.

Gigantic unfinished Obelisk.

Dating from the New Kingdom.

View of Aswan.

Made out of granite quarry. But had a flaw.

If completed it would have weighed 1.8million kg and stood 41m high.

April 21, 2006. Desert view from the road between Qena & Safaga.

Sand, mountains and blue sky. The temperature reached 47 Deg Celsius.

April 22, 2006. Rescuing the Dutch man on his bicycle. North of Hurghada.

Suffering from Dehydration, we give him a helping hand.

Suez Canal.

Close to the Suez Canal.

The road from Abu Zenima to St. Catherine's Monastery.

Heading into the mountains of Sinai.

Red Granite Mountains.

Fox Desert Camp. Having Tea with the manager.

April 23, 2006. Walking up Mount Sinai. 3750 steps.

As the biblical story goes Moses spent 40 days and nights upon this mountain.

The St. Stephen's Gate.

700 steps below the summit is the Elijah's Basin.

The last 700 steps to the summit.

View from the summit at 2,286m.

We made it. Chapel of the Holy Trinity in the background.

At the top of Mount Sinai Mosses received the Ten Commandments.

It is an excellent view of the surrounding mountain range.

Mount Catherine just south west of Mount Sinai is the highest mountain in Egypt.

The whole area is protected and covers an area of 4,350sq km around Mt. Sinai.

View of St. Catherine's Monastery at the base of Mt. Sinai.

The fortress of St. Catherine's Monastery.

Founded in AD 527 and thought to be the oldest continuously inhabited Christian monstery in the world.

Mike giving a helping hand to the locals with our air compressor hooked up to the motorcycle.

Our camp site at Fox Desert Camp... the St. Catherine's Protectorate...and Mike hanging out.

April 24, 2006. The scenery between St. Catherine's Monastery and Dahab.

It is very dry out here.

Amazing Coral Reefs just of the beach of Dahab.

Very colourful. Reef droping to depths of 50m just of the shore.

Ruby snorkling along the coral reef.

Mike even is amazed at the display of colors and ecosystem.

Unfortunately the pictures don't do it justice.

Dahab in the background with the mountain range towering over it just hours before the explosions.

Under Water Life.

Dahab Beach Front.

Coral Reef right of the beach front.

Where the sea turn deep blue the coral reef wall drops 50m.

Relaxing on the beach.

Leaving Dahab. A last cup of tea with the hotel managers.

Our Ferry from Nuiweba to Aqaba, Jordan.

Last to board the Ferry.

Leaving Nuiweba Port, Egypt.

Hanging out for the 4 hour journey through the Red Sea.

View of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia to the left and Egypt to the right.