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Hungary & Germany Trip Pictures from August 09 and 23, 2006

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Route Map through HUNGARY. Approx. 550kms travelled on the motorcycle.

August 09, 2006. We cross into Hungary from Romania at Csenger and make it as far as TOKAJ. The region has been on the Unesco World Heritage List since 2002. It is known for its grapevines which have grown in this area for at least 1000 years.

August 10, 2006. We decide to head through Hungary without really stopping for the sites. From Tokaj we head for the Autobahn. For a small fee we get our stickers and are on our way.

We head through downtown Budapest and continue on the Autobahn to Gyor and Pannonhalma Abbey.

Camping just at the base of the ancient and impressive Pannonhalmi Foapatsag.

We even buy some wine from the local cellar.

PANNONHALMA ABBEY, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, dates back to the 13th to 18th Century.

Highlights include the Romanesque basilica (12225), the Gothic cloister (1486) and the impressive colltion of ancient texts in the library.

To this day it is still an active monastery.

August 11, 2006. A typical sign from the Eastern European countries. No bycicles, tractors or horse carriages. This is it for Hungary as we cross over into Austria before Wien.

Route Map in GERMANY. Approx. covered 1000kms on the motorcycles.

August 11, 2006. We enter Austria from Hungary by Vienna (Wien) and purchase a 10 day Autobahn pass. We cover approx. 450km passing through Austria without stopping and end up at the beautiful Konigsee, Bavaria in Germany.

August. 12, 2006. We wake up to rain and decide to visit Hitler's old home and bunker in Obersalzberg. In the afternoon we check out the KONIGSEE LAKE.

The emerald-green hue of the shimmering water captures the heart of everyone who sees it.

August 13, 2006. A beautiful day awaits us and we decide to venture into the mountains high above the Konigsee.

We take the Cable Car (Gondola) to the top of Mt. Jenner (1874m). Cost was 19.10Euro/person ($28.00/person)

The EAGLE'S NEST (seen on top of Mt. Kehlstein), a mountain retreat near Berchtesgaden that was commissioned by Martin Bormann and the National Socialist German Workers' Party before being presented to the fascist dictator Adolf Hitler as a gift on his fiftieth birthday.

We get off the Jennerbahn (Cable Car) at 1800m.

The KONIGSEE LAKE lies below the Great Watzmann, nestled in the mountains of Berchtesgaden National Park.

Climbing to the top of MT. JENNER.

The view is incredible.

We are able to see the Konigsee in its full glory.

We have missed the mountains and enjoy every moment off exploration.

This picture could have been taken in the Rocky Mountains in Canada.

From Mt. Jenner we take a 6 hour hiking route from the Jennerbahn-Mountain Station, over the Stahlhaus, to MT. SCHNEIBSTEIN (2276m).

Scrambling up the mountain, we realize that it had snowed during the night (Aug. 13, 2006).

It feels like being on top of the world.

We walk along the ridge of Mt. Schneibstein.

Snow patches are still visible.

Our path leads us right through the snow patches.

Beautiful flowers line the path.

The 13km hike takes us past the Seeleinsee (Lake).

The green color of the lake and reflection of the surrounding mountains are incredible. We continue our hike over the Priesbergalm and Königsbachalm to the Jennerbahn-Middle Station.

Back at our campsite, a new motorhome has arrived. A bit out of place in the Bavarian Alps. Shouldn't we be in Africa with that kind of set up.

Our campsite at the Konigsee.

The rear shock on Mike's GS finally goes.

Oil from the shock is running along the rear drive.

The seal breaks on the rear drive on Ruby's GS.

August 14, 2006. We head for our home base. Ahausen, Germany. Just 300kms from our destination we notice a nail in Ruby's GS rear tire.

We patch the tire with our tire repair kit in a few minutes on a rest station on the side of the Autobahn. We realize the Air Compressor is broken and use our CO2 cartridges. Two (2) plugs and 33,000kms on this Metzler tire.

Ruby's bike has its 70,000km service and all warranty completed at the BMW Dealership BERNHARDT ROHRICH GMBH in Sinn.

There service was outstanding. Seen here is Herr Klein, Herr Bernhardt and Mike. We needed the receipt from the rear drive purchase in May 2006. Herr Bernhardt went through all the receipt to find it for us.

Three (3) weeks earlier, while on the road, we had ordered two (2) VAC BAGS from England over the Internet.

Michael's parents offer us to store the bikes in their basement in Germany.

The space is tied, but we fit them in one by one.

The Kit includes Vac-Bag, Moisture Absorbing Drisorb Sack, Humidity Indicator and Sealing Strap.

We wheel each bike into the bag, place the moisture absorbant sack and humidity indicator inside the bag, extract the air via a vacuum cleaner and then seal the neck with the strap and lots of duck tape.

It seemed to have worked. The air is holding. We hope this will keep the humidity away. Prior to storage we topped up the fuel tank and added fuel stablizer. How we are going to get them out of there will be interesting.

During the last week in Germany, we visited with friends and family. Dinner at the Yugoslavian place with Anna and Kalli. Kalli came to our rescue and pre-paid for the rear drive way back in May 2006.

Michaela and 3 month old Tristan. Michaela and Ruby went to school together in Germany and hadn't seen each other for 17 years.

Anja being two (2) weeks from her due date. Anja and Ruby used to hang out as kids. They also hadn't seen each other in 17 years.

Melanie and Michaela. It was as if time had stood still. It was great to see them again and get along so well.

The gang, Anja, Michaela, Tristan, Ruby and Melanie all from Ruby's home town Mengerskirchen.

We stop in to see Marion and congradulate her on her engagement. Mike even gets a free haircut.

Tina and her little Anna.

Our friends from Belgium come down to see us. It was great to spent a day with Marc and Michel, who we had met at the BMW Enduro Course the year before.

Ruby's aunt and uncles invite us for lunch. Seen here is Thomas, Ruby, Uli and Martina. The only close family Ruby has left in Germany.

Juergen, Carmen and son Daniel welcome us into their log home house and offer us to park the bikes in his heated garage. They have been to Canada numerous times.

Michael's parents, Rolf and Ingrid, give us the flat for the week, cook for us and let us store the motorcycles in the basements....

We can't thank them enough for taking care of us.

Best friends Melanie and Ruby last get together.

Melanie, Ruby and Tina the day before we leave. August 22, 2006.