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Slovenia Trip Pictures from July 27 to 30, 2006.

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Route Map through SLOVENIA. Covered approx. 430km on the motorcycles.

Map of the SKOCJAN CAVE.

July 28, 2006. High above the Skocjan Cave.

The caves were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986,....

...the unique underground gorge and interconnected caves, collapsed dolinas, ....

...natural bridges and sinkholes make this cave stand out from others.

The Reka-Velka Voda river bursts from the cave and into the lake below.

High above the canyon perches a church.

The Mahorciceva Jama Cave is 115m below the church.

A huge 20cm butterfly.

We cross over a dizzying little footbridge (Cerkvenik Bridge) into the Sumeca Jama Cave...

...and as the walkway hugs the side of the cliffs it suddenly opens up ...

...we immerge from the darkness of the cave through a massive cliff opening into ...

... the green jungle like scenery.

It is like out of National Geographic's.

The cave exit.

July 29, 2006. North of the Slovenian Capital, Ljubljana, lies BLED and the Julian Alps. Seen here is the BLED CASTLE.

This is the only island of Slovenia and also the most photographed trademark.

We wake up to thick fog and head west from Bled to Bohinj.

As we ride through the valley....

...the fog starts to rise and...

... gives the small churches and mountains peaks...

... a magical setting.

Our first view of Lake Bohinj.

The famous bridge leading to the Church of St. John the Baptist....

... located at the east end of Lake Bohinj.

The SAVICA WATERFALL is hidden away at the west end of Lake Bohinj and it drops an impressive 78m from the cliffs.

Close by is the cable car that whisks us up ....

...a vertical kilometer to 1540m MT. VOGEL.

The Vogel Ski Resort is situated high above beautiful Lake Bohinj,.... the very heart of the protected Triglav National Park.

From here we can see that it is a long way down...

...and in the far distance the Church of St. John the Baptist.

A ferry boat crosses the lake.

Ruby warms up over her first hot chocolate in five (5) months.

This sign is self explanatory in any language.

On the way back to our campsite in Bled the sun starts to break through.

In the afternoon we hike up to the Bled Castle.

The oldest castle in Slovenia., perched at the top of a 100m steep cliff...

...high above Lake Bled, which boosts the best view of the romantically tiny island (BLEJSKI OTOK).

In the distance we can make out Slovenia's highest mountain TRIGLAV at 2864m.

We wander the courtyard...

...and are drawn back time after time to the magnificant view of the baroque Church of the Assumption.

We were also in time for a traditional wedding.

Lake Bled and its tiny island.

Inside the small church of the Bled Castle.

Pink seemed to be the IN color in that period.

CHURCH OF THE ASSUMPTION in the centre of the island.

We pick up an excellent (cheap) bottle of red Barrolo wine from a very happy monk.

Good-bye Slovenia. Hello Romania.