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Turkey Trip Pictures (Page 2 of 3) from May 27 to June 27, 2006

Due to the amount of pictures and area covered, we have broken Turkey into three (3) sections. Turkey Photos Page 1 covers the Eastern portion of the country to the Iran Border and Central Turkey.  Turkey Photos Page 2 takes us along the Southern Mediterranean Coast Line & Western Interior.  Turkey Photos Page 3 follows the Aegean Coast Line and ends in beautiful Istanbul. To read more about our 6,300km journey through Turkey proceed to Turkey Journal.

To read and see the photos of our 2010 Turkey Trip follow these links Turkey Photos Pg. 1, Turkey Photos Pg. 2 and Turkey Journal.

June 07, 2006. A view of Bogsak and our campsite on the Mediterranean Sea.

The beach off our campsite. Close up shot from the previous picture.

This stretch of coastline is located between Silifke and Anamur.

June 08, 2006. Visiting the MAMURE CASTLE.

Located 2km east of Anamur ... was built over a Byzantine fort....

... and occupied by the Crusaders.

The fortress is often used in film sets....

...and is in excellent shape.

One of the best preserved castles it had crenellated walls.

36 towers are still intact.

The castle is surrounded by the sea on three sides.

The Great Court Yard.

Steps leading up to each tower.

Excellent view from the castle.

The Mediterranean Sea waves break againest the ancient walls.

We walked along the entire upper wall.

Parts have been eroded by the sea.

More coastline pictures Anamur and Alanya.

The road twists along the coast.

White beaches in the distance.

Riding into the blue sky and sea.

Stopping for a break and taking in the beautiful scenery.

Camping 15kms east of Side.

Visiting SIDE. The large Roman Theatre, built on Hellenistic fountains.

View from the ancient theatre...

...which could seat 17,000 Spectators.

The vaulted corridors supporting the theatre seats above.

The Arched Gateway with a fountain adorned with carved basins.

Colonnaded Street.

Recovered Carved Reliefs.

Council House.

The Temple of Apollo.

Around the temple is a basilica.

Columns scattered around the temple.

June 09, 2006. Visiting ASPENDOS. Located on the Euromedion River (now Koprulu River).

The best preserved and complete Roman Theatre in Turkey.

Aqueduct, built around 100AD....

...incorporated a 1km Siphon System.

One of two Siphon Systems Structures.

Visting PERGE. The main attraction to us at Perge was the huge Stadium.

The stadium is one of few in Turkey that is somewhat intact.

Our final destination of the day, TERMESSOS, built by the Solymians. Seen here is the Gymnasium and Bath.

One of our favorate sites in Turkey. Termessos lays 1040m above sea level at the end of a windy road.

Huge underground Cistern with five (5) Partitions.

Looking into one partition of the cistern.

The Hellenistic Theatre....

...seating of 4200 spectators... of the entrance to the stage....

...with an spectacular view...

...of the Gulluk Mountain Range.

Inscriptions in columns.

The Heroon. Seen here are three (3) oblation niches.

Corinth Temple

Wandering around the upper Necroplis.

Graves found at Termessos include Tombs, Osteetecs (Ash Preserving Pots), Temploid Graves and Rock Graves.

The epitaphs seen on the sarcophagi gives information about the person buried in the coffin.

All tombs are damaged from plundering.

As far as your eye can see are sarcophagi.

100's of tombs line the hillside.

Several rock graves line the surrounding mountain side.

Most niches included a sarcophagus.

A friend we found while climbing inside the tombs.

Example of the Rock tomb with the sarcophagus.

The Gate of Hadrianus and Ionian Temple.

The coastline is covered with turtles....

...Ruby rescues a turtle.

Camping at the base of Termessos in the Gulluk Dag National Park.

This campground reminds us of Canada.

We even have a fire and a snack of roasted spicy sausage & Beer (Efes).

June 10, 2006. Descending into a picturesque bay and ...

...the town of Kas...

...on the Mediterranean Sea. Our base for a view days.

Sitting at our campsite and watching the full moon.

Our beach at Kas Camping.

A couple of Beach Bums.

Camping at Kas Camping. June 10 to 14, 2006.

Snorkling in the Mediterranean Sea....

...directly off our campsite.

There were actually a whole bunch of fish.

June 12, 2006. A 200m walk from our campground is the Hellenistic Theatre.

On weekends they still perform in this theatre.

Visiting the ancient city of MYRA.

House tombs carved in the cliffs.

Inside one of the house tombs.

View of the house tombs from the Theatre at Myra.

The Theatre located in the middle of two cliffs carved with excellent house tombs.

Another well preserved Theatre.

Myra was a important trading port with Egypt and Constantinople (Istanbul).

June 13, 2006. The second time we booked a tour in 4 months....

Sea Kayaking over the submerged town along Kekova Island.

Since diving and snorkling is not allowed, this is the way to explore the sunken treasures.

Ancient steps leading into the water.

Kayaking along the Kekova Island.

Parts of a submerged ancient house wall.

A partial wall sticks out of water.

Parking the Kayaks at Simena to visit the nearby castle.

Mike all geared up to venture once again into the deep sea.

Submerged saddleback tombs... the Lycian site of Aperlae, close to the village of Simena.

Ruby relaxing, while Mike is doing all the work.

June 14, 2006. Back on the road. Visiting XANTHOS. Mike stands in front of the Inscripted Pillar Tomb.

The pillar tomb, built on a stepped base is the oldest Lycian tomb.

The Harpy Monument.

The Theatre at Xanthos.

Xanthos was once the ancient capital of the Lycian League.

A stone paved road leading to the Necropolis.

A sarcophagus with a carved relief lid.

More house tombs and pillar tombs are found on the hillside in the Necropolis at Xanthos.

Inside the house tombs. Benches for the dead.

Ruby taking a peek into a house tomb.

Second stop of the day is PINARA. Leading up to this ancient Lycia city is a "nice" 3km gravel road.

Pinara is known for it unique tombs cut into the rock as seen here.

The cliffs behind the acropolis are honeycombed with tombs, mainly square holes.

This site needs at least 2 hours of exploring and some great hiking. House tombs.

In the distance is the Kings Tomb. Which...

...we can't resist exploring...

...again this is definitely a site worth visiting, especially since there are no tourists.

No tourists, maybe that has something to do with the extensive walking.

Ruby has an excellent view of the Theatre at Pinara.

We end our day at the beautiful lagoon of Olu Deniz.

June 15, 2006. We camp at the beach & hike up the mountain to get this picture of paradise with too many tourists.

With white beaches like that and calm waters, no wonder the tourists came in masses.

We decide to rent a couple of kayaks and explore the lagoon.

Kayaking along we see several large (1m from head to toe) Loggerhead Turtles.

Yachts harbour also at this beautiful spot.

We are actually here....

...enjoying a view that is seen on all posters promoting Turkey.

More Bikini (or beach) pictures.

Access to the beach is free, but you have to rent a chair for 5 million Lira ($3.50)/person.

Covering all areas of the lagoon.

Beautiful clear and calm water.

Ruby posing for a shot.

Our campsite at Olu Deniz.

June 16, 2006. Heading inland to PAMUKKALE (Cotton City).

Definitely one of the most unique places we have been to.

Spectacular white travertine terraces cover the hillside.

It looks like snow, but actually is deposits of limestone.

The terraces are formed when water from the hot springs loses...

...carbon dioxide as it flows down the slopes, leaving....

...deposits of limestone.....

The layers of white calcium carbonate, built up.... steps on the plateau.

These travertine terraces are off limit for tourists....

... but we were able to get into some other pools... we dipped in with the sun set on the horizon.

There are a lot of pictures, but it is truely incredible.

The site protected by UNESCO World Heritage...

...and new funds are working on restoring the hot springs and water flow.

You are only allowed to walk on the formations with bare feet.

A water fall is a refreshing cool off on a hot day.

An amazing experience, and a must do in Turkey.

June 17, 2006. The pool at HIERAPOLIS....

...littered with fragments of marble columns... excellent way to hang out in the hot springs....

...and straddle a column or two.

Mike hanging out on an ancient Roman column.

The Theatre at Hierapolis could seat 20,000 spectators....

...and was built around 200BC.

In front of the Agora (Market Place).

The Arch of Domitian.

A 100km from our campsite is APHRODISIAS.

Aphrodisias was a shrine as early as 5800BC. Several Sarcophagi are displayed around the museum.

Head of Medusa.

The carved relief of the sarcophagi are amazing.

Again this is a site off the beaten path and ranks on the top of places to visit by Ruby & Mike :)

The inside of the museum is very well done and...

...displays some exquisite marble sculptures.

Most of them are in excellent shape.

Ancient pictures of important people.

The Theatre at Aphrodisias completed in 27BC.

Another well preserved theatre.

View from the Theatre.

Pillars around the Agora.

The Hadrianic Bath. Black and white marble tiles still cover the floor.

The Bouleuterion (Council House). Mike sits in an ancient seat overlooking the Council House.

The well preserved council house.

The Temple of Aphrodite.

Fourteen columns of the temple have been re-erected.

A piece of ancient pipe used to channel the water.

The Tetrapylon.

2nd Century Gateway.

It was completely reconstructed with original pieces.

The Stadium.

One of the best preserved structures of its kind in this era.

Huge in size.