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Germany Trip Pictures from August 31 and Sept. 05, 2007

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Arrived in Germany Aug. 30, 2007 at 12:30pm and ready to get the bikes out of storage by 4:30pm.

The bikes had been stored with Rolf & Ingrid for just a year in their basement.

Mike starts to remove the plastic "condom".

We can't believe we had actually gotten the bikes in this tight spot. How will be get them out ???

The bikes looked good at first inspection. Tires required air.

Time to roll them out...

... a tight fit...

...through the first door...

...install the old battery and jump start.

It actually starts and keeps on running.

Then it is Mike's bike turn...

Rolf is taking action photos.

Voila...the plastic enclosures did it's job.

Check the tire pressures...

... and riding out the last door...

Ruby takes a call from Michael and Katja in Florida.

Hooking up the jumper cables...

...our babies are with us again...

Sept. 1 & 2, 2007. Visiting Ruby's relatives. Claudia & Markus new house.

German interior designs... master bedroom

...master bathroom...

...on the balcony with (from the left) Ruby, Markus, Claudia, Martina and Thomas. room... & dinning room...

The Canadian Flag was raised in our honour at Ruby's aunt and uncle's house.

German & Canadian Flag

Ruby's relatives (from left) Ruby, Uli, Martina, Nadine, Andy and Thomas.

An original Beatle.

More VW Beatles.


Last pictures with Claudia in the middle.

Sept. 03, 2007. BMW Shop in Sinn offered to train us on adjusting the valves.

Getting the pistons in the proper position to adjust the valves. (Arrow has to line up)

Mike plays mechanic and adjusts the valves on the left side of Ruby's bike.

Removal of cylinder cover.

Ensuring proper seal placement.

Loosening of inlet valve nut.

Tightening of valve and checking space with feeler gauge size 15 on inlet.

Handing the bikes back to the real mechanics. Both bikes are getting new AGM Batteries, ...

... brake pads, light bulbs, alternator belts, 70,000km service....

... and clutch replacement... front and ....

... rear Wilbers adjustable shocks

Stopping at Melanie's new place in Greifenstein. Jonas (Melanie's son) with a friend.

Melanie and Ruby (picture taken by 6 year old Jonas).

Packing for the trip. Can't believe we are actually taking all of this.

Sept. 05, 2007. We pick up the motorcycles from the BMW Shop after 5pm and work late into the night to get all the gear and electronics hooked up ...

...thanks to Ingrid, Rolf and Melanie for helping out.

Sept. 06, 2009. Leaving at 6am and saying good-bye to Ingrid and Rolf.

The start of our journey.

We pick up Randy & Michelle in Heidelberg who rented a BMWR1200GS from Knoff Tours & stop in ...

... with Ekke and Audrey of Calgary just outside of Munich. They are also on their why south to Cape Town.

Our first day on the road is bitter cold and rainy and ...

... we get a room close to the Austrian border.