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Kenya Trip Pictures from Dec. 12 to 21, 2007

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Route through KENYA. Covered approx. 1400km on the motorcycles of which 500km not paved.

Dec. 12, 2007. A thorn punctures Mike%u2019s front tire.

Fixing our third puncture on this trip at the Kenya Wildlife Centre Camp in Moyale.

Dec. 13. 2007. The first stretch of 120km south ...

... from Moyale is in good condition.

Then it all changes, from large rocks to deep gravel ...

... for 120km continues until Marsabit.

The landscape, flat and fields of large rocks. We saw wild ostriches.

Crater just outside of Marsabit.

hrs of riding and 250km from Moyale to Marsabit. No police escort as we felt is was unnecessary.

Dec. 14, 2007. On the road from Marsabit to Isiolo.

Local tribes people walk along the road.

They are dressed in bright beautiful colors.

Stopping for breakfast on the side of the road.

If there was bandits they would have gotten us by now.

Continuing south on the road, we are flagged down by these women ...

... carrying fire wood who asked for water.

Luckily we had some spare water bottles on us to give.

Dec. 15, 2007. On the way to Nairobi we pass Mt. Kenya National Park.

Mount Kenya in the distance and ...

... close up. Tallest Mountain in Kenya.

Dec. 15 to 18, 2007 we stay at the Jungle Junction Campsite in Nairobi.

Jungle Junction is owned and run by Christof (German-Kenyan).

He has a mechanic%u2019s shop on premise and makes it available to everyone.

The campsite has beautiful grassy spots and its location is close to some shopping centers.

Our campsite.

We met Robo on his African Twin at Jungle Junction. He had just been down the West Coast of Africa and provided us with some great info.

Behind the mechanics shop, motorcycles that requires some type of work.

Installation description of how to install the cylinder condom. 150Euro by BMW.

This condom will cover the cylinder cover and maybe ...

... get you to the nearest BMW dealer, in our case no BMW dealer from Italy to South Africa.

Christof, a motorcycle enthusiast and mechanic, pulls in Ruby%u2019s motorcycle first thing Monday morning ...

... for some much needed TLC.

New seals and bolts for the cylinder cover, air filter cleaned, replacement of bolt on crash bar ...

... and fixing a leaking rear tire.

The original plug we had installed in Sudan started to leak due to all the rough roads.

This is a great fix for the tire. Currently 18,000km on the Metzler Tourance.

Meeting up with Carmen again, originally met in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. Here seen on her BMW 650.

Salva, from Spain has been on the road for 19months on his bicycle.

Nick (New Zealander) and Gwen (American) doubling up on a BMW 650, have traveled Southern Africa for the last 6 months.

Meeting up again with Peter from Germany (originally met in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

Dec. 18, 2007. On the road to Naivasha, west of Nairobi.

We set up camp at the Fisherman%u2019s Campsite on the shores of the Naivasha Lake.

The Lake is famous for its hippopotamus.

An electric fence surrounded the campsite to keep out the hippos.

Black and White Colobus monkey looking for food in the garbage can.

A monkey eating a banana.

The campground is full of monkeys.

Ruby gets a closer look.

They are not shy at all.

A hippopotamus skeleton.


... and more skulls.

Our campsite at Fisherman's.

Dec. 20, 2007. Continuing along the lake shore of Lake Naivasha...

... we pass directly through a wildlife reserve, ...

... no fence and Giraffes and ...

... Zebras are grazing on both sides of the road.

We detour at Nakuru north to Marigat and pass the Kenya Equator signs ...

... for 2nd time in Kenya. GPS Coordinates.

Overlooking the Rift Valley.

Local children are all over us again ...

... as we stop on the side of the road ...

... to take pictures of the scenery.

Looking back over the Rift Valley.

The road from Marigat to Eldoret.

Camping at Naiberi Campground 16km east of Eldoret.

A beautiful campsite with excellent amenities ...

... for only $13.00CDN/night.

With a swimming pool like this we wish we had more time to stay. But Uganda is calling.