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Botswana Trip Pictures from Jan. 31 to Feb. 04, 2008

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Our Route through BOTSWANA. Covered approx. 1200km on the motorcycles.

Jan. 31 to Feb. 03, 2008 we stayed at the Sedia Hotel Campground.

The Campground is located at the southern end of the Okavanga Delta just outside of Maun.

This beautiful site was 40Pula ($6.50/night) including the usage of all facilities.

Feb. 02, 2008. We had arranged for a MOKORO Trip (Wooden Dug-Out Canoe).

The Canoe launching location is within the Park boundaries at the OKAVANGA DELTA.

First we visit the small village located near by.

Benny, our Poler, lives in this village and we pick up some lunch for him.

He explains to us that the land is free and that once you are 18 years old you can build your own hut to live in.

Here we pick up Benny's lunch.

An example of how the huts are constructed using bottles.

The material required for building the huts are from the land and the bottles free.

Benny brings the Canoe to shore ...

... and Ruby climbs into it without loosing balance.

The delta is covered by beautiful flowers.

The wooden dug-out canoe is hewn from ebony or sausage tree log ...

... and the bottom is covered by straw for comfort.

We met other local polers.

The water is crystal clear.

Other tourists are returning from an overnighter in the Delta.

An abundance of animals live in the Okavango Delta and ...

... the waters are home to crocodiles and hippos.

The path is getting less distinctive and we push through high grass.

Being this close to the water, with limited surface visibility its a little bit unnerving.

We told ourselves to stay calm if suddenly a crocodiles pops up.

The Okavango Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, unique in its existence, as it is the largest Delta ...

... where the water evaporates into air and surrounding desert, instead of ending up in the sea.

The fogs and spiders we see along the way are non poisonous.

The water of the Delta is lost over a vast 15,000 sq-km maze of lagoons, channels & islands.

After a couple of hours in the canoe we stop off on one of the islands ...

... for a 1 1/2 hr bush walk to see some wild animals.

Back in the canoe we glide by a big herd of Elephants.

Benny makes us each a traditional Mokoro Dress.

A hat and necklace made from the Delta.

Driving back we see more Elephants.

Feb. 03, 2008. On the road east through the Makgadikgadi Pans we encounter a lone Elephant.

This Elephants was not too happy with us ...

... as he charged at us ...

... and we even got it on Helmet video.

Even though the pictures show only blue sky,...

... we did enter Botswana in the rainy season.

Here is evidence to the huge amount of rains this country receives.

Our last night in Botswana we are the only guests in this nice campground located on the outskirts of Palapye.