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Germany Trip Pictures from August 07 to 21, 2008

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Aug. 07, 2008. After some 68,000km we arrive back in Germany & our first stop is the BMW Shop in Sinn.

All our gear is going into the rubbish bin.

Visiting with Melanie and Erik...

...Marion and Werner...

...Ruby's aunt & uncle and helping move a new furnace.

Aug. 16, 2009. The SAALBURG Fort. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005.

This fort kept watch over a section of the Limes in the Taunus hills.

The Limes marked the frontier between Rome's Empire & the Germanic tribal territories.

After being abandoned around AD 260 the fort was rebuilt between 1897 adn 1907.

A ditch surrounds the fort walls.

The 550km long frontier complex, extends from the Rhine to the River Danube.

The open-air museum has re-built ovens along the rampart walk...

...fresh Roman bread is still baked several times a year.

The praetorium (commander's quarters).

The museum houses countless archaeological finds...

...including weapons...

...and military equipment...

...iron, glass, pottery and ...

...bronze objects.

The centrally-located principia (headquarters building) & colonnaded courtyard.

We continue to the HESSENPARK, another open-air Museum.

A large grinding mill.

Over 100 buildings including farm houses...

...& other trade building have been reconstructed.

These buildings are not copies of building, but are the original houses...

...relocated from different parts of Hessen.

This gave us an opportunity to experience how our ancestors used to life.

A old Windmill.

Ruby, Uli & Martina stand infront of an old hay farm shed from Ruby's former home town, Mengerskirchen.

Gradierwerke (Huge Salt Walls) in the SALINENTAL located along the River Nahe near Bad Kreuznach.

Constructed between 1732 and 1742 the wooden Gradierwerke stretch up to 1100m.

Originally built for salt production is now a spa garden.

Salt water is continuously cascaded from the top of the 8m high walls through thorn hedges.

This process causes 15% of the water to evaporate.

The salt water mist is good for the respiratory tracts and...

...patients flock here to enjoy the free open-air inhalation facilities.

The facilities are comparable to being exposed to the salt water ocean.

A waterwheel causes a mechanical movement of a shaft...

...that used to run a pump & now supports Ruby's relatives...

Only 6km from Bad Kreuznach lies the Castle...

...EBERNBURG. For only 59Euro on can have a double room incl. breakfast.

The view is excellent. The castle is purged on top of a hill surrounded by vineyards.

We are on a role and follow a sign which leads us to a Marble Sculpture Exhibition.

A stack of books made out of marble. There is no chance that Ruby will be able to push it over.

To top it all off we stop in at a fare (Kirmes) & meet up with Ruby's cousin Nadine & Andy.

We are treated to a special dinner at the WALDGEIST.

The menu is unique. Hamburger are 30cm (almost 15inches) in diameter.

A steak that is XXXXXL and 800g.

Mike orders a large Diet Coke.

Ruby's half Schnitzel which covers the entire plate.

Mike opts for the large Schnitzel which is (3) Schnitzels, each as big as his plate.

Needless to say he was unable to finish the Schnitzel or French Fries.

The map on the panniers had seen better days.

Ruby's motorcycle after Africa.

The crashbars will be replaced.

Touratech Panniers did not fair well. Held on by straps...

Cracking of the Touratech panniers.

Mike's motorcycle which faired a bit better...

...maybe because it did not see the ground as much as Ruby's.

Rolf & Ingrid cooked supper for us everyday. We were spoilt rotten.

Ruby's long time friend Melanie.

Dropping off the motorcycle and discussing with Steffen the service that is required.

Saying Good-bye to Germany Aug. 21, 2008.

Winter 2008/2009. Ruby's & Mike's Motorcycle in pieces.

...the Gearbox...

...every part is being cleaned.

Ruby's motorcycle engine...

...and cylinderheads c/w pistons and valves...

...which had to be replaced due to all the deposits on it.

Mike's motorcycle is getting rebuilt...

...the gearbox before cleaning...

...and Mike's engine before disassemble.