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South Africa Trip Pictures (Page 1 of 3) from Feb. 04 to 06 & Feb. 14 to Mar. 08, 2008
and Mar. 29 to Apr. 11, 2009

In 2008 we travelled through South Africa on the motorcycles and returned in 2009 to attend a wedding of Kate & Morgan who we had met the previous year.  To proceed to South Africa Photos Page 2, South Africa Photos Page 3 or South Africa Journal.

Our Route through SOUTH AFRICA. Covered approx. 5800km on the motorcycles.

Feb. 04, 2008. We entered South Africa from Botswana at Martin's Drift.

From Pietersburg/Plokwane we take the country roads (R36) to BLYDE RIVER CANYON.

Feb. 05, 2008. We set out on the seven waterfalls tour spread out over a 100km distance.

We start with the LONE CREEK FALLS.

It drops 70m from above.

The waterfall is impressive from every angle.

Tiny droplets from the mist of the waterfall collect in this spider web.

Our next stop is the HORSESHOE FALLS.

En-route we see many butterflies.

We complete the loop south of Sabie...

... by visiting the BRIDAL VEIL FALLS.

It is massive.

Water of the falls crash into the rocks below ...

... creating some unique pictures.

En-route back to Graskop we stop off at the MACMAC FALLS.

The Pinnacle on the way to God's Window.

A very weird looking species.

This sign has seen better days, warning not to get too close to the edge of the canyon.

The view from GOD'S WINDOW over the Lowveld plains below.

The lookout lies on an 18km stretch of R534.

This pictures gives the impression of being in an airplane.

We enter the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve. A funny sign indicating no diving?

The reserve includes the BOURKE'S LUCK POTHOLES.

Water has carved these potholes.

Three (3) bridges allow great viewing...

... of the potholes below.

The canyon walls at Bourke's Luck Potholes.

At the northern end of the 20km Canyon are several more viewpoints.

Here is an exception of a handrail provided...

... but most of them there is no protection.

It is a spectacular view...

...of the three Randavels.

The canyon walls.

Another view of the THREE RANDAVELS.

The Blydepoort Dam.

Riding back to Graskop we detour to the BERLIN FALLS.

It falls 80m down a rocky cliff.

The LISBON FALLS. Miners named local places after towns in their home countries.

A full view of the falls.

This pictures shows how the water on the left falls faster than that one the right.

From Feb. 14 to 21, 2008 we stay with Morgan & Kate in Durban/Pinetown.

Morgan treats us to our first chicken BRAAI (BBQ) with a Beer can inside.

Our hosts gave up their life, home, vehicle, cell phone and internet during our stay.

The rear Metzler Tourance tire after 30,000km. Not bad.

New tires and service at Ryder BMW Motorrad. Roger, the owner & Mark, the mechanic.

Enjoying South African company at Morgan%u2019s Wholehog Pub.

Morgan%u2019s girlfriend, Kate manages the Pub.

Leaving Durban with Mark and his brother-in-law, both on KTM%u2019s.

We are leaving South Africa to enter Lesotho via the Sani Pass. See Lesotho for amazing Sani Pass Pictures.

Feb. 22, 2008 we pop back into South Africa from Lesotho and ...

... pass through the Golden Gate Highlands National Park.

View from the Oliviershoek Pass.

Feb. 23, 2008. We had set up camp at the Amphitheatre Backpacker/ Campground...

... approx. 21km from Bergville.

It is perfectly located as we will be hiking up along this ridge %u2013 The AMPHITHEATRE seen in his picture.

The view from our tent at sunrise of the DRAKENSBERG RANGE.

View of the Woodstock Dam.

In a view hours we would be on top of these mountains.

The view from the SENTENTIAL PARK.

Our path zig-zag%u2019s up the mountain.

We are treated to incredible views on our way up.

There are (19) of us enthusiastic people heading for the Amphitheatre.

The final ascent is steep through a ravine.

After (2) hours we reach the top...

... and are rewarded with a spectacular view.

The AMPHITHEATRE is a crescent-shaped basalt wall ...

... 6km wide and with a vertical drop off of a 1000m...

... as can be seen with Mike standing at the edge.

To our left is the Mont-aux-Sources Peak.

In the distance we can see the Tugela Waterfall drop-off.

We hike along the rim of the escarpment to the waterfalls...

... all the time with views over the KwaZulu-Natal Region.

Locals take care of livestock high up in these mountains.

They are dressed very different from us.

Our first view of the TUGELA WATERFALL. It is the second highest waterfall in the world (948m).

The right side of the Amphitheatre ends with the Eastern Buttress.

More locals make their way along the high plateau.

Beautiful flowers can be found here.

We descend the mountain on a different route...

...on (2) 25m vertical chain ladders.

The second ladder and Ruby descending.

Mike prepares supper at the communal kitchen at the campground.

The pool at our campsite.

Feb. 24, 2008. We met up with Morgan & Kate and have breakfast at the Kings Grant Farm.

Continuing south we stop at this incredibly situated restaurant overlooking...

... the ORIBI GORGE.

The gorge is located 21km inland from Port Shepstone...

...and is 24km long, up to 5km wide and 300m deep.

The main attraction at this point is the LEOPARD'S ROCK.

Here is the four of us sanding on the Leopard's Rock.

It is quite amazing how thin it is and how it supports all our weight.

The legend has it that a leopard used to hang out on the rock, hence the name.

Kate and Morgan how we will remember them.

From here we take the scenic route to the Fairacres Estates.

Morgan and Kate on their KTM 990.

We ride to each view point overlooking the Umzimkulwana River ...

... to another overhanging rock.

Feb. 25, 2008. Morgan had arranged accommodations in Port Edwards. Our last breakfast together before hitting the road again.

Taking the R61 over Flagstaff to Port St. John.

Port St. John is located directly at the mouth of the Umzimvubu River.

The road leading into the port is beautifully twisty.

Feb. 26, 2008. We ride from Chintsa on the R72 to Port Elizabeth, past Jeffreys Bay (seen here) to Stormsrivier.

Feb. 27, 2008. In the morning we visit the TSITSIKAMMA Coastal National Park...

... located on the famous Garden Route.

A zodiac ride to the hanging bridge ...

... and into the gorge of the Storms River Mouth.

Due to a resent fire the path to the hanging bridge can not be accessed ...

... and we opt for the boat ride.

The hanging bridge seen coming from inside the gorge.

We had cheap breakfast at this restaurant located directly at the Storms River Mouth.

After the town The Crags we turn inland on the R340.

The gravel road leads over the PRINCE ALFRED Pass.

We set up camp at the Backpackers Paradise in Oudshoorn.

Feb. 28, 2008. From Oudshoorn we ride up the Schoemanspoort to the the famous Swartberg pass.

A good gravel road winds its way for 24m to the top of the SWARTBERG PASS.

The view over the Little Karoo region is spectacular...

...especially on a clear day like this.

Descending the pass on the other side.

It is hard to catch in a picture ...

...the amazing road that winds its way over this mountain.

Thomas Bain engineered this road and many other passes in this area.

At the bottom of the pass the road leads through a narrow chasm to Prince Albert.

Stopping in the MEIRINGSPOORT Pass. It leads through the Groot River Gorge.

In the midst of the sandstone cliffs lies a beautiful waterfall.

How can we resist these waters.

We both take a dip.

Mike even jumps into the cold 9m deep pool at the base of the waterfall.

We were lucky to have the place to ourselves.

A frog hangs out with Ruby.