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South Africa Trip Pictures (Page 2 of 3) from Feb. 04 to 06 & Feb. 14 to Mar. 08, 2008
and Mar. 29 to Apr. 11, 2009

In 2008 we travelled through South Africa on the motorcycles and returned in 2009 to attend a wedding of Kate & Morgan who we had met the previous year.  To proceed to South Africa Photos Page 3 or South Africa Journal and to return to South Africa Photos Page 1.

Late afternoon we visit the CANGO CAVES.

Ruby stands beside a stalagmite.

In Cango 1, the Grand Hall is 107m long and 16m high. Mike stands in the middle.

There are many impressive stalactites, stalagmites, and flowstone formations.

We did not expect the well preserved and comprehensive selection of formations.

The cave itself is believed to be over 150,000 years old.

This is were the standard tour ends...

... and the adventure tour begins.

This portion of the cave we enter has been damaged & therefore we were able to touch & hold on to the formations.

Mike descends from a ladder.

The adventure tour is not for everyone & ...

... before signing up they show the size of spaces that we have to pass through.

Oudshoorn is Ostrich country. We had Ostrich steak & sausage. How about some eggs for breakfast.

Feb. 29, 2008. Remaining on Route 62 we stop in at the famous Ronnies Sex Shop.

Heading south at Swellendam on the R319 we arrive at the Tip of Africa, CAPE AGULHAS.

Exactly (6) months ago we left Canada. Officially we are both in distance and time half-way.

Us at AFRICA%u2019S SOUTHERN MOST POINT, where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Here by total coincidence we meet up again with Doris & Andre, originally met in Mozambique and we share a huge watermelon.

From here it is back up the west coast of Africa.

A ship wreck only a couple of hundred meter away.

The Agulhas lighthouse is one of the oldest working light houses in Southern Africa ...

... and located at the southernmost point of Africa.

Mar. 02, 2008. Our first view of TABLE MOUNTAIN in Cape Town.

The top station of the gondola.

The 12 Apostles.

The hike starts above Camps Bay via the Woody Revine.

The view from the top of Table Mountain/12 Apostles.

Friends of Rene%u2019s take us up this non touristy path.

An old steam boiler.

A tiny museum located at the Hely-Hutchinson Reservoir.

An old pulley.

The Hely-Hutchison Reservoir on the Table Mountain Plateau.

The rare and protected Disa Orchid.

The water is clean and fresh from the mountain.

White sandy beach at the reservoir.

View of the Lion%u2019s Head and Coast Line.

Thanks to Greg, Criegs, Rene & Collette for a great hike.

Mar. 04, 2008. We sign up for a Wine Tour with Easy Rider Wine Tours.

Our first visit is the Simonsig Wine Estate. The bark of this Cork Tree ...

... is used for the cork of the wines.

This estate is family owned and run.

The estate in season harvests 80 tones of grapes a day.

The only Lamborghini we could afford.

These grapes are covered with a fungus called Royal Rot.

We first tour the winery...

...and watch the wine making process.

This is how they used to produce wine.

The wine sits in these barrels.

Our guide de-corks a sparkling wine with a sword.

An antique vineyard sprayer.

Our second stop is the Fairview Estates.

We taste another (7) wines and ...

...have a chance to try their quality cheese.

These vineyards are located in stunning scenery (Stellenbosch area).

Bird of Paradise Flower.

Our third stop is at the Boekenhoutskloof in the Franschhoek area.

We are presented with another (9) wines to try.

Our last stop, located at the base of the Franschhoek Pass.

The Dieu Donne Vineyard with an amazing view.

After another (6) wine tasting, the final picture of our group.

It is hard to leave a beautiful area like this behind.

Mar. 05, 2008. Ruby%u2019s motorcycle was in for a new starter and rebuilding of the Wilbers Rear Shock.

We received the best service ever at the HAMMAN BMW MOTORRAD shop. Thanks to John, Chris, Gareth & crew for everything.

We start our Cape Peninsula tour at Muizenberg. Colorful huts line...

...the beach, they are used for changing rooms.

In Boulders we visit the African JACKASS PENGUIN Colony.

The penguins are under protection as their numbers ...

...have been reduced from 1.5 million in early 1900 to ...

...only 10% remaining now.

A boardwalk allows for easy access to the penguins.

We continue south on the east side of the peninsula and ...

... enter the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve.

A view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Arriving at Cape Point and its coordinates.

We hike up to the original lighthouse at the Cape Point.

View of the Cape Point.

The original lighthouse is no longer in use. A new lighthouse was built at a lower location, ... the original lighthouse is most of the time in the fog and caused the Portuguese liner, Lusitania to sink.

The famous picture at the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE.

The Most South-Western Point of Africa Coordinates.

The coastline on the west side of the Peninsula.

Unspoilt and empty beaches.

Being the Atlantic Ocean the waters are not that warm for swimming.

We pay for the Chapman%u2019s Peak toll road, and ...

... stop for a picture of the Kommetjie beach.

The road is carved into the side of the Chapman%u2019s Peak ...

... along the prettiest spot of the Peninsula.

A view of the Hout Bay and ...

... Sentinel Rock.

This road reminds us of the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

On Mar. 06, 2008 we leave this beautiful place. We had been staying with Collette, her Mom and Rene.

One big dog.

We were privileged to have breakfast and dinner in their beautiful yard. Thank you for everything.

The view from SIR LOWRY PASS over False Bay (in the distance Table Mountain & the Peninsula).

A view from another Pass the FRANSCHHOEK PASS.

This is the wine country we will miss.

In Franschhoek we watch a bicycle race come through, ...

... while having breakfast at this restaurant.

After the Bain%u2019s Kloof Pass and Michell%u2019s Pass we finally enter the CEDERBERG.

A good gravel road leads over numerous more passes.

We stay at the Sanddrif Holiday Resort Campground.

In the evening Mike gathers enough wood to make a fire.

Mar. 07, 2008. We rise and shine at 5:30am to hike up the Wolfberg Cracks and Arch.

A rabbit along the path blends into its surroundings.

A permit is required for this (8)hr return hike.

There are (2) options through the Cracks, the easy route or the adventurous.

We had to take the adventurous. Crawling under a huge rock, ...

...through small spaces...

...and climbing up rock cliffs.

It was truly amazing that we actually made it.

Ruby climbing up the walls.

Mike squeezing through tight spots.

The formations beautiful.

This was the toughest part, as we had to climb up without any ropes etc. Here is were we lost the Flare Cap.

At the top of Wolfberg... is another hour hike to the WOLFBERG ARCH.

The landscape very pretty.

The hike is well worth the effort, ...

... as we finally stand within the Arch.

We had a Power Bar and water for breakfast, how can it get any better.

Mike appears in the Arch.

The total hike actually takes us only 7hrs, including backtracking for the Flare Cap.

After some rest we take a 20 minute walk to the MAALGOT swimming hole.

The perfect way to cool off after a good day of hiking.

Mar. 08, 2008. Riding out of Cederberg country.

The road ahead in the distance. Good bye beautiful South Africa.