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Tanzania Trip Pictures (Page 2 of 2) from Jan.02 to 23, 2008

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We come upon four (4) LIONS ...

...feeding on their victim.

Some are not as happy as others.

These are four (4) male brothers.

Wildebeest or Zebra is the Serengeti lion's favourite meal.

Lions raise up to 6 young in the season.

However, the lions' harsh lives result in 6 ...

... out of 10 cubs dying in their first year of life.

As the sun sets, we return to our camp & pass a herd Elephants.


Jan. 15, 2008. 6am Game Safari.

Beautiful sunrise over the Serengeti plains.

It does not get any better then that (no photoshop).

Baboons warm themselves in the early morning sun.

The hands of a Baboon.

Close up.

Family of Baboons.

Male Impalas.

A male Impala with a Hyena lurking in the background.

Baby Giraffe...

... with mom Giraffe.

A large group of banded MONOGOOSES...

... looking for tasty termites & other insects.


The tourist vistor center is very imformative.

Felix, our cook outdid himself with this amazing breakfast...

... all prepared over a coal fire.

Female Lion resting in the granite rocks.

Lizards hang out with the Lion.

As we are leaving the Serengeti National Park, we came upon ...

... three (3) male CHEETAHS.

These are brothers.

These are the most amazing animals.

They are not shy at all and we are able to get quite close.

We spent 30 minutes watching in awe.

These are Mike's favourite animal.

We originally did not think we would see Cheetahs.

How can it get any better then that.

The three (3) hang out with us forever.

One last picture (we actually took over 200 pictures of them).

Felix, our cook prepares our supper...

... over this coal fire. He made the most amazing yummy dishes.

Jan. 16, 2008. After spending the night at the Simba Campground at the top of the Ngorongoro Crater ...

... we descend into this amazing ecosystem.


The crater lake is home to many bird species.

Thousands of FLAMINGOS cover the lake.

Thompson's Gazelle.

A male lion hides in the high grass.

Then another lion pops up behind him.

Male lions have a tough life of resting all day...

...and sometimes getting up for a drink of water.

A herd of Wildebeest and Zebras.

We spot another male Lion. Resting!!!

Then another of the Big Five - The black RHINO.

He is resting in the open grass of the Ngorongoro Crater.

The final animal of the Big Five - The ELEPHANT.

These animals are facinating.

At a rest stop we have a very close encounter of these huge animals.

Not shy at all they walk right up to us.

A close up.

The sign behind the Elephant indicates no feeding of animals.

And then they walk off again.

It is surprising of how fast they move.

The Elephants pass Mike.

Mike picks up a very heavy Buffalo skull.

Abdul our Guide/Driver did an amazing job.

We used Sunny Safari out of Arusha and had this vehicle to ourselves.

Jan. 18, 2008. We leave Arusha and pass Kilimanjaro (in the clowds) ... last time. The peak of Kilimanjaro seemed to have gotten some fresh snow.

Jan. 18 to 22, 2008. We decide to take a break after four months on the road... this beautiful spot on the Tanzanian Coast.

Peponi's Campground is located 30km south of Tanga (close to Pangani).

For $9.00/night we got amazing ocean view, this swimming pool...

... covered camping spot with electricity & clean clean amenties.

How can we resist and not spend a few days in paradise.

Our campsite is right off this beach.

Mike relaxes in the shade as it is way too hot in the sun.

The beach was littered with beautiful seashells.

As we travel we always pick up little unique items. These necklesses were from Kenya & Tanzania.

A beautifully wooden carved local game called Bao.

English playing instructions came with it. Beside the game is a wooden salt & pepper container.

On Jan. 21, 2008 we take the Pepi (Campground's Dhow) out ...

... for some snorkling.

The reef is located not far from the mainland.

The Indian Ocean is nice and warm.

Then we continue onwards to our own little sand island.

A starfish.

Lunch is provided for just the two (2) of us.

As there is no trees, our captain & helpers put up some shade.

Back on the Dhow.

Another local sail boat passes us.

We are off to another reef...

... for some more snorkling.

We are both attacked by Jelly Fish.

Mike's arms after his encounter with the Jelly Fish.

Jan. 22, 2008. We ride from Peponi's (Tango) 700km to just south of Iringa to stay at the Old Farm House Campground.

This is a place to stop when going to/from Malawi. Do not miss their amazing Dinner.

We leave Tanzania knowing that we will be back again.