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The Gambia, Senegal & Mauritania Trip Pictures from June 08 to 18, 2008

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Our Route through THE GAMBIA. Covered approx. 250km on the motorcycles.

June 09, 2008. The tiny border post crossing north of Velingara from Senegal to Gambia.

We stay at the Janjang Bureh Camp...

... in this bungalow for $15.00CDN/night.

Each bungalow has a different set-up. The bathroom sink, running water from the kettle.

The bed was heart shaped and came with the all important mosquito netting.

Dangling our feet in the Gambia River from the Camp boat dock.

June 10, 2008. We decided on a day excursion to the...

...WASSU STONE CIRCLES, approx. 25km from the camp.

It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The "Stoneman" greeted us upon arrival and...

...we got a grand tour of the well labeled little museum...

...and stone circles.

This place does not see a lot of tourists.

It is believed that the stone circles are burial or sacrificial grounds... during the excavation of the site human graves where found.

There are many stone circles like this north of the Gambia River...

...both in Gambia and Senegal.

This site dates back to the 750AD.

Another unique and different place in Africa.

Anna and Peter the owners of the Janjang Bureh Camp.

The Gambia River. We had to take one ferry to Georgetown and ...

...this second ferry to get to the northern shore of the Gambia River.

Little cute monkeys hang out all over the camp.

Our Route through SENEGAL. Covered approx. 970km on the motorcycles.

Mike changing oil in Dakar. We had originally entered Senegal from Mali at Naye on June 08, 2008...

...then ventured into Gambia and crossed back into Senegal on June 11, 2008 at Farafenni. Usual beat up transport mini bus.

A new minibus, but loaded the old way. 15 people, plus what ever is bought at the market.

The road is shared by donkey pulling carts, vehicles, animals and people. One never knows what to encounter.

It is time for some R&R. We stay in a bungalow for $37.50CDN/night at this nice place.

The first swimming pool since Neels place in Cameroon. A welcome treat.

The place is located at the shores of Lac Rose.

Lac Rose is known for the ending point of the Lisbon-Dakar Rally, hence our special T-shirts.

A view of the area where the last stage of the Dakar Rally occurs.

Large sand dunes separate the lake from the ocean.

We call this picture "55,000km, the long way to Dakar".

The name Lac Rose comes from its light hue of a rose color caused by the minerals in the water.

Locals removing the salt from the lake.

One is very buoyant due to the high salt content.

June 14, 2008. Our last destination in Senegal is ST. LOUIS just before the border of Mauritania.

A 500m steel bridge connects the mainland with the island.

A usual sight not only in Senegal, but most of Africa, gutted vehicles left on the side of the road.

The town is doted with dilapidated Portuguese Buildings.

We stay in the center of the Island at the Titi Locozen Auberge which has a nice roof top relaxing area.

The view from the roof top of our Auberge.

A bridge no longer in use. A closer looks shows some of the garbage that is found everywhere.

The Island is listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The building beside the Auberge.

A boat that transfers people from one side to the other.

Our Route through MAURITANIA. Covered approx. 835km on the motorcycles.

June 16, 2008. We enter Mauritania at Diamma (Keur Massene) from Senegal. Our Room at an Auberge for $25.00CDN/night. Mike working hard on the computer.

At last minute we change our mind of spending any time in Mauritania and head straight through the country in 2 days.

Our sand covered courtyard at the Auberge.

We met another overlander in a Mercedes 4x4 registered in Nigeria as we entered Mauritania.

Helmut and Barbs (Austrian/South African & German) started their trip in January from Nigeria. They are a great couple to hang out with as they are always this happy.