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Zambia & Zimbabwe Trip Pictures from Jan. 26 to 30, 2008

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Our Route through ZAMBIA. Covered approx. 1300km on the motorcycles.

Jan. 26, 2008. We entered Zambia from Malawi at the Mchinji Border Post.

Our first night in Zambia we are the only ones to camp at Mama Rula in Chipata.

Jan. 27, 2008. Again we are in the midst of the rainy season in Zambia.

Bridges are washed out on the main highway to Lusaka.

The detour roads to temporary bridges are a challenge.

Especially on tires with not much profile left...

... it is like riding on ice.

Mike takes Ruby's bike through as well.

Continuing on our ride we were glad that this Luangwa Bridge was still intact,...

... as there would have been no alternative to cross the large Luangwa River.

As the rain did not let up and our tent still wet from the previous night, we took a chalet at the Pioneer camp, ...

... located just outside the Capital, Lusaka.

We did blow our budget on the honeymoon chalet ($60.00/night normally $120.00/night),...

... but what a beautiful place.

The next day we rode all the way to Livingstone to visit the VICTORIA FALLS.

Jan. 29, 2008. We visit the Musi-O-Tunya National Park on the Zambian side.

The path is even closer to the Victoria Falls on the Zambian side than on the Zimbabwe.

Massive amounts of water make their way over the falls in the rainy season.

The thundering noise of the water as it hits the bottom drowning out any other noise.

We are in awe of the sheer size.

A bridge leads us to an island for an amazing view of the Rainbow Falls and Eastern Cataract.

Even our motorcycle rain gear can not withstand the amount of spray that engulfs us.

A view of the bridge that is located between the Zambia border post and Zimbabwe border post.

Mike stands only meters from the edge of where the waterfalls drop.

To get a full appreciation to the sheer size ...

...we take the 1/2hour helicopter ride with Batoka Sky.

Our view upstream of the Victoria Falls, as the Zambezi River spreads out.

The spray that comes of the falls (it is not smoke from a fire).

Looking back at the Zambezi River, it has been one of the worst rainy seasons in history.

What a spectacular view of the falls,... the spray rises...

...and the sun appears and forms a rainbow.

A view downstream of the falls as the river makes its way through the Batoka Gorge.

We encircle the falls a view times.

A closer look at the bridge that leads to the Zimbabwe side of the falls.

From the falls we fly out over the region, a local village with mud/straw huts,...

...and drop down into the Batoka Gorge.

The Bell 205 Jet ranger Helicopter winds its way through the gorge.

We are only a meter off the river as we fly through...

... Luckily we seem to have a very good pilot.

One last look over the ever expanding waters of the river.

We park the motorcycles on the Zambian side and exit Zambia and pay for a visa into Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe Border Post is only a couple of hundred meters from the bridge this picture is taken (the boiling pot).

Entering the ZIMBABWE Victoria Falls National Park.

The David Livingstone Monument.

Steps lead down to the Devil's Cataract ...

... with a great view.

The walking path leads past Cataract Island,...

... to the Main Falls,...

... at which point we still remained fairly dry ...

... continued through the rain forest ...

... to the Rainbow Falls.

Here we did not stand a chance of staying dry.

The Nikon SLR was securely wrapped in a kind of waterproof bag and ...

... for these shots we used our waterproof point and shoot camera.

There is no fencing to protect you from going off the edge.

The skull of a hippo we believe.