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Germany Trip Pictures from September 20 to 30, 2010.

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We returned to Germany via Poland on Sept. 20, 2010 and headed straight to Friedrichshafen...

... located on the beautiful Bodensee (Lake Constance).

We had perfect weather for our mini trip south.

The harbour in Friedrichshafen.

A tower made out of scaffolding allows for some amazing views...

...across the lake into Switzerland. If it wasn't for all the haze.

Our goal was to reunite with Doris and Andre, who we had met in Mozambique in 2008.

Andre lives in Friedrichshafen. His door is always wide open for friends.

A BBQ in the backyard...

...the German way.

The next day we visited the famous ZEPPELIN Museum. A statue of Graf Zeppelin.

Just around the corner from where Andre lives is the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin...

...amazingly enough an actual Zeppelin still flies and takes tourist up everyday starting at 200Euro for 30minutes.

The Zeppelin Museum is downtown Friedrichshafen on the shores of the Bodensee.

The museum has an outstanding collection of old photographs dating back to the 1800's.

This is a 1938 Maybach DS8 "Zeppelin" with a body manufactured by Spohn. It weighs 3.6 tons & has a max. speed of 170km/h.

A model of the Zepplin displaying the interior of the aircraft.

The partial 1:1 model of the airship LZ 129 ‘Hindenburg’ – reproduced true to the original and authentically furnished – forms the centrepiece of the Zeppelin airship displays.

We were able to enter a 1:1 reproduction of one of the ‘Hindenburg’ A-deck passenger cabins.

This nacelle was built in 1928 by the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH for the Graf Zeppelin.

Every nacelle contained a Maybach engine, type VL 2, which drove a propeller at the nacelle’s tail and had to be operated by a machinist.

Hanging out in the backyard of Andre's house we see...

...the Zeppelin Airship fly overtop.

Andre's backyard a perfect place to relax after 6months on the road.

Doris hanging out in the hammock.

BBQing German Sausages.


As the sun sets we stroll through Meersburg on the shores of Lake Constance.

The old castle is the centre point of the town.

The pretty downtown.

Hard to believe...

...that this is Germany...

...but we are on the shores of Bodensee (Lake Constance).

Ferries leave from Meersburg across the Lake to Switzerland from here.

The area is also famous for its wine.

From Meersburg it is back to central Germany...

...a quick visit with relatives.

Close to Wurzburg is a small down called "Altmannshausen". Maybe Ruby's ancestors come from here.

We checked out Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik close to Wurzburg.

Tom, the owner, converts Toyota Landcruiser to Overland vehicles.

Something that we planned on doing one day. As it turned out it would be sooner than later.

Being this close to Wurzburg we visit the Unesco World Heritage Site...


...this is the former residence of the Wurzburg Prince-Bishops and is one of the most important baroque palaces in Europe.

The interior was finished in 1780 and houses the Neumann's world famous staircase, and the most amazing roof frescos.

We walk around the Court Gardens.

View of the east garden.

Fall is coming to Germany.

Our next visit is the Wurzburg Cathedral.

It was built around 1040.

The red sandstone facade of the Neumunster- Kirche in Wurzburg.

On 16 March 1945 the Church was damaged heavily.

It took seven (7) years to restore the church.

Crossing the River Main over the "Alte Mainbrucke". Built between 1473-1543.

A view of the old town hall (Rathaus).

Up on the hill sits the Festung Marienberg (Fortress Marienberg).

Walking along the Main River front we come upon an old crane.

The marking on the old crane building walls indicate high water levels dating back to 1909.

Sept. 27, 2010. We drive to Aachen to visit our Belgium friend Michel.

The Aachener Dom (Aachen Cathedral) originated around 800AD.

The Cathedral became part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1978.

Cobble stone streets and stone houses lead to the Cathedral.

The main entrance of Aachen Cathedral, Carolingian bronze doors (800AD).

Beautiful ceilings.

The Cathedral's main altar. The Radiant Madonna with child in the centre.

In the late gothic choir the so-called "Aachen glass house" is approx. 32m tall & contain 1000m2 of glass.

Marble adorn the floors.

Ceiling Mosaics.

The Cathedral was modeled on the church of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy.

Aachen's old town hall (Rathaus)

The facade of the old town hall is covered with statues.

No visit to Germany is complete unless Ruby has her Currywurst.

The motorcycles in Ahausen.

An electrical problem on Ruby's BMW prevents it from starting...

...and Steffen with son Matthis come to pick it up to get fixed.

Visiting Ruby's Girlfriend Melanie.

Riding in the back of the pick-up truck... visit a old slate mine.

Matthis and Marea hanging out with Ruby.

A last visit with the Welch family as we drop of the motorcycles for storage.

Steffen and Tanya.

Our sports car rental in Germany. Sept. 30, 2010 it is time to return to Canada and work.