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Kyrgyzstan Trip Pictures from July 06 and 07, 2010

To read the Kyrgyzstan Journal.

Our Route through KYRGYZSTAN. Covered approx. 250km on the motorcycles.

July 06, 2010. The Kyrgyzstan Border Post is over the Kyzyl-art Pass (4282m) and 20km from the Tajikistan Border Post.

We leave the massive mountains and the Pamir Highway of Tajikistan behind us.

The mountain range opens up to a valley.

We are still at over 2000m.

Green grass, horses and yurts are everywhere.

The only significant village in this part of the country is SARI-TASH. All roads lead to this village. We stop at a "Grocery" store to get some water and exchange money.

From Sari-Tash we climb yet again to 3615m (TALDYK PASS). The road is under construction and very dusty.

After the pass the descend is amazing.

Children play around the yurts.

This country is yet again very different from the other "stans". Each "stan" country is unique.

These children are very excited to have their picture taken with us and the motorcycles...

...they run down the hill, somehow made it across the river and smilingly stood around our motorcycles touching everything.

The vibrancy of the scenery is incredible.

Intense green and reddish mountains with a blue sky in the background make for a stark contrast.

From Sari-Tash to Gulcha is approximately 100km and it takes us a couple of hours.

We follow the river, all the time dropping in elevation as the temperature rises.

A local waves his head in welcome to us from his donkey.

Some more locals waving to us.

As the hotels in Osh were still closed to Tourist due to the recent unrest, we opted to stay approx. 90km east in Gulcha.

This "hotel" was $9.00/night. Mike is cooking supper. Note the first class TV in the background. No bathroom or running water.

We went for a stroll along the main street and Ruby had a rose given to her by the fire department.

Teenager's hanging out.

July 07, 2010. We leave Gulcha and head toward Osh.

We climb to over 2000m, at the crest a beautiful picture. A group of older man sit outside a yurt on a carpet having breakfast.

The sun peaks over the mountain, giving warmth and light to yurts on both sides of the descending road.

One picture opportunity after another.

The entire valleys and are dotted with yurts.

Women prepare fresh milk to be sold on the road side.

This is why we will be back to Kyrgyzstan to experience the culture and people in more depth.

A older man sitting in front of a yurt.

Children playing around the Yurt.

Yurts dot the landscape and horse graze the pastures.

A view of the daily live of Kyrgyzstan people.

This picture represents Kyrgyzstan to us.

Husband and wife preparing the milk.

A child waves to us.

This is a stand on the side of the road,...

...that sells fresh milk. Only an hour later we entered Osh and proceeded into Uzbekistan.