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A view of the world through our eyes…

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Welcome to our personal unus vita website (also known as www.2canadiansonbikes.com). Unus Vita is latin and translates to One Life. We are Mike and Ruby, Canadians who used to live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but now reside in Turkey. We love to travel to different parts of the world, to experience the culture, the nature, the people and history of a country.

Most of our travels were on our two (2) BMWR1200GS's. Upon our return from Russia we retired the motorcycles and upgraded to a Toyota Landcruiser fully converted to a Overland Vehicle. We had big plans with the Overland Vehicle. After numerous trips around Europe, we realized that most places we had left to see did not require a Overland Vehicle. In 2018 we sold the Toyota and bought a Campervan, which allows us now to take along bicyles, SUP boards and other fun gear. Ideal to cruise around Europe and beyond. This website is all about sharing our amazing stories, pictures and video.

Why Turkey?

Way back in 2006 we came through Turkey on our motorcycles and fell in love with the people, culture, cuisine and country. We have been fortunate to see and experience a lot of cultures through our travels and yet we always were drawn back to Turkey. In September of 2012 we were given the opportunity to fulfill our dream and move to a small old fishing village called Kalkan in the Province of Antalya. Living has taken on a total different meaning...

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Where have we been…Check out the Photogallery to get a glimpse into our world.

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