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Lesotho Trip Pictures from April 04 to 06, 2009

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Our Route through LESOTHO in 2009 in the car covering approx. 300km. In 2008 we covered approx. 220km on the motorcycles.

April 04, 2009. We enter Lesotho from South Africa at the Butha-Buthe Border Crossing.

Driving through Maseru, Lesotho's Capital, we do find the turn off to Thaba Bosiu.

We park the car at the base of the mountain. Thaba Bosiu, was King Moshoeshoe's mountain stronghold.

A steep climb and we are able to visit the ruins of the King's residence.

The view is incredible from the mountain top.

In the distance we can see the Qiloane Hill the inspiration for the Basotho hat.

This country is also called the African Switzerland.

Little mud-and-thatch villages dot the valley.

Ruby takes it all in.

Several graves ...

... surround the King Moshoeshoe's graveside.

It is interesting...

... to wander through the graveyard...

...and read the tombstones.

As the sun sets we make our final destination Roma, ...

... a small sandstone town approx. 35km from Maseru on the A3 route.

April 05, 2009. Setting out early we head for the Rock Paintings...

Our little Kia didn't have enough ground clearance and we left it behind, ...

... walking the last couple of kilometers to the HA KHOTSO/HA BAROANA Rock Paintings.

We descend a path into the valley across a foot bridge to the wall of rock paintings.

This is Bushmen Rock Art...

...of the Maluti Mountains.

The Rock Paintings fall within the Neolithic or late Stone Age.

These rock paintings have given historians and archaeologists...

...insight to the life of the early inhabitants of Lesotho.

One of the best preserved rock art sites.

After spending a wonderful hour exploring the paintings we wander back to the car.

The daily life of Basotho people.

Traditional mud-and-thatch houses.

Heritage is still thriving here.

The rental car makes it back to the paved road.

March and April is a perfect time to visit Lesotho before the winter hits.

We take a drive east into the Maluti Mountains. Our first Pass - BUSHMAN'S PASS at 2,268m.

Followed by another pass - GOD HELP ME PASS at 2,281m.

We continue to go deeper into the heart of Lesotho.

The scenic BLUE MOUNTAIN PASS - 2,633m.

We continue to Marakabei until ...

... the pavement stops and we are unable to continue with the car.

Several small village are located at this altidute.

A barren land. In the distance we see the Mohale Damm.

Instead of mud, these houses are built from stone.

The design of these houses are mainly found in Lesotho.

The traditional dress of the Basotho people.

We take a break and watch... locals herd their cows...

...and work the fields.

A paved road, but most of the Basotho people use the horse for transportation.

Another Basotho Village.

The incredible road to the Mohale Dam.


We could spend hours driving around in this scenic mountain range.

We return to our campsite at the Trading Post Guest House in Roma.

A local guide takes us from the Trading Post Guest House up the mountain to see the DINOSAUR FOOTPRINTS.

It is quite impressive, we did not expect such deep impressions of the footprints.

The sun is setting... always we are surrounded by local children...

...who are excited to be with us. Our last day in Lesotho comes to an end. Back it is to South Africa.